WordPress training online

We train people often on managing WordPress websites, and understand the common difficulties for beginners and business owners. Learn one on one with a skilled WordPress developer, in a training session personalized to your needs.

WordPress training onlineLearning WordPress with an instructor will make managing your website easier. Remove the mystery from WordPress, and gain control of the tools. Ask all the questions you can’t find the answers to, or sit back and let the instructor guide you through relevant tools and processes for your business.

Start from the beginning with the basics of WordPress, or explore specific concepts for your business. The training session is structured to your interests.

Communication methods

How long is a training session?

Training sessions are usually an hour, but sometimes two hours is necessary.

When can we schedule a training session?

Any time, as long as an instructor has an availability. Check in with us with a preferred day and time, and we can refer to our schedule to see if we have an opening. We try to be flexible to meet the time of your convenience.

What can be expected in the training session?

First we will connect computer to computer, and we will share our screen with you. Once we are able to talk to each other, and you are able to see our screen, we are ready to begin. The instructor will guide the training session according to your skill level and areas of interest. We want to use the available time efficiently, and with the benefit of your website in mind.

How do we register?

Tell us about about your training needs and we will get in touch shortly afterwards.

    We will contact you shortly after you submit your message.

    Are you located in Portland, Oregon?

    We are too. That means we are available to meet in town for an in-person WordPress training session.

    Chance Corbeil