WordPress Theme Development

WordPress themes provide unique style and functionality to WordPress websites. The theme determines the types of templates available, and the additional tools available for managing contents. WordPress themes can expand the standard WordPress functionality to include custom tools for unique goals.

Any website design can be made into a WordPress theme. The design can be built into WordPress files, which allow the website design and WordPress system to work together.

Transfer design and website to WordPress

Do you have a website that you want to transfer to WordPress? We can transfer the contents and files into WordPress, and develop a WordPress theme which looks like the original site. Switching to WordPress will allow for easier management, and improved opportunities. Transferring a website is the perfect opportunity to improve any weaknesses to content strategy, or SEO.

Developing a WordPress theme is similar to developing a website without WordPress. Both use the same code, the same structure, the same theory. The difference is that developing the website as a WordPress theme adds a layer of complexity to the process. Integrating a website design into a WordPress theme requires knowledge of how WordPress is built, and how it can be modified. Understanding theme standards and file structure is necessary to build a WordPress theme that is compatible and secure.

Customizer for theme controls

Themes with customizer controls allow for aspects of the theme to be configurable from within the WordPress admin area. Customizer controls often allow for changes to theme colors, background images, and other important variables.

Post types

Sometimes posts and pages are not enough organization for defining different types of content. With post types, we can setup unique sections just like an additional blog. Post types bring organization and focus to the content on a website. Testimonials or a recipe section would both make appropriate post types.

Meta boxes

Meta boxes extend the fields available from within the post editor. The standard features include the text editor, categories, featured image controls, etc. But any type of control can be built directly into a post type. This makes achieving unique content goals more achievable.

From image to theme

If you have a design which you need coded into a theme, we have that covered. We work with designers to bring their designs to a new medium.

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