WordPress featured images

WordPress featured images allow posts and pages to be visually summarized with an image. A featured image can follow a page everywhere it goes on and off a website. Using WordPress featured images provides consistent use of images, and makes adding media to a page more automated.

What is a featured image?

A featured image is the primary image attached to a web page. Featured images represent the content in visual form.

You know how websites can have an image next to title links, and the image informs you about the article and entices you to click? That’s a featured image being used correctly.

The featured image is often the main image on a page. As the main media file connected to a page, the featured image can be used to provide visual context when listing page links.

WordPress featured images in theme design

The placement of featured images on website pages depend upon the WordPress theme. Templates in WordPress themes determine the layout of website elements. The code in these templates specify where each website element should be placed on the page. The template system keeps website layouts consistent.

The placement of featured images in WordPress themes can be edited by a web developer.

Featured images on social media

Most social media websites look for a main image when a link is being shared so that they can provide visual content. The image that will be found if a WordPress website is linked is the featured image.

Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook all use featured images to make shared links more interesting to click.

How to setup a featured image

set featured image

  • Go to the page or post where you would like to setup a featured image.
  • Look for the “Featured Image” area in the right sidebar. Click “Set featured image”.
  • A media popup will appear. Select or upload an image.
  • Select the featured image qualities like alignment and size, then click “Set featured image”.
  • Save the page and apply these updates.

Learn more about featured images

Learn more about featured images in the WordPress codex.

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