It’s not called Word press

Actually, it is WordPress, not word press. This is a common mistake, and over 40,000 people search for “word press” each month. This is expected for popular software with a silly name. It takes a while for brand awareness to inform everyone of the peculiarities.

WordPress is a platform for websites. In fact, it is quickly becoming the best website platform for any type of website. Don’t believe me, checkout all these giant companies that use WordPress.

As you can see, many respectable and diverse companies use WordPress. This is because they identified their website goals, projected for the future, and found that WordPress was the best platform to achieve those goals. Simple right?

Well that is exactly how web developers like us came to the conclusion to specialize in WordPress. We noticed that WordPress was the most appropriate CMS on the market, and was applicable to almost any project.

Is WordPress right for you?

We suggest doing what the big companies above did. Identify your website goals, and project for the future. What platform achieves all your goals? This isn’t a magic trick, but WordPress comes to the top off the deck every time.

Word press

Now we know it is WordPress, and not Word press. But the name doesn’t mean much. All that matters is what WordPress can do for your website, which happens to be a lot.

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