Woocommerce purchased by Automattic

Woocommerce has been purchased by Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. We are thrilled! Woocommerce has always been our favorite ecommerce extension for WordPress, and we are glad to see that Automattic agrees. The future of ecommerce on WordPress is looking bright.

Woocommerce has over 7 million downloads, and powers roughly 30% of all ecommerce websites. WordPress currently accounts for 23% of websites online. With the addition of ecommerce, WordPress provides new incentive to increase their market share.

The good news

Woocommerce is already user friendly. However, it is more complicated than a standard WordPress website. Being integrated into WordPress implies there will be an improvement to the interface and user experience.

All 55 employees are keeping their jobs. The Woocommerce team will be joining the 370 employees at Automattic.

With improved ecommerce accessibility within WordPress, we can expect a growth in ecommerce stores. More ecommerce stores will influence the development of better tools, techniques, and communities. We all benefit.

What does this mean?

We can expect further integration of ecommerce into WordPress. Automattic has been planning to make ecommerce more accessible to WordPress users, and they have selected the top choice in the market.

We expect to see the Woocommerce installation process simplify. Right now there are many essential configurations which are spread out over various pages. The tools should simplify, but hopefully we won’t lose the extensive customization options.

It will be interesting to see if Woocommerce remains a plugin, or is completely integrated into the WordPress core. The ability to make any website a store is a big deal, but is it big enough to make standard?

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