WooCommerce payment options

There are many Woocommerce payment options to choose from when setting up a checkout on your ecommerce website. Some payment options come default within Woocommerce, and others are plugins which extend the functionality of the website.


Before we discuss Woocommerce payment options, let’s discuss the difference between on site and off site payment options.

On site payments

On site payments occur directly on the website without leaving the site to process a transaction. Customers trust on site payment options because it appears professional and keeps their experience on the website consistent. The checkout page will contain all the tools needed to complete the transaction, including the credit card fields.

This method requires https if you are accepting credit cards.

Off site payments

The benefits of off site payments is the ability to use the authority of another business to accept payments, while avoiding the hassle of https and other complications. This solution is cheaper, but it also looks cheaper.


PayPal is a default payment option in Woocommerce, which makes it free! PayPal accepts credit and debit cards, and also allows PayPal users to pay using funds in their account. All you need to connect your PayPal account to Woocommerce is your PayPal account email address.

PayPal is an off site payment option by default, but there are plugins for on site PayPal options as well.

Learn more about PayPal Standard.

Credit / Debit Card

Accepting credit cards directly on your website is the best way to minimize checkout abandonment. There are many ways to accept credit cards in Woocommerce. Let’s go over the most popular credit card payment gateways.


The best payment gateway on the market is Stripe. The card form on the checkout page is beautiful, the fees are minimal, and the tools are easy to use.

Stripe has a plugin for WordPress which is available for free. This plugin requires https for on site transactions.


Authorize.net has been around for a while, and is trustworthy. They provide on site and off site solutions for credit card transactions. Honestly, we find their tools hard to use and out of date.

Hold Up... Is this too complicated? Get Help


You can accept checks, or as Woocommerce likes to call it, “Cheques”. Simply have the customer mail you a check.

For this and all payment types below, the order is put on hold and no transaction is made. The shop owner must verify that the transaction funds have arrived elsewhere, and then change the order status to complete. This includes a lot of extra work, so we suggest sticking to the automated payment options above.

Direct bank/wire transfer

This payment option allows the customer to see your bank routing information during the checkout process so they can send you a payment. The shop owner can then verify that the payment has arrived, and can then complete the order.

Cash on delivery

This is the most vague payment option, and it simply means you will collect the funds elsewhere. Specify your unique way of payment and cross your fingers.

The payment options on this page are the most commonly used, but there are many other authorized payment gateways for Woocommerce.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways are what verify and complete credit card transactions on websites.

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