Why we focus on WordPress, and only WordPress

We are often asked why we chose WordPress in our careers, and for our business. Having experience with website systems of all kinds, we know the benefits of WordPress personally, and have seen the success it can facilitate. The alternative solutions can be bulky, poorly documented, and difficult for a client to use. With WordPress, we can ensure the website can grow and adapt to meet the needs of our client’s business. We think of WordPress as success insurance.

We aren’t limiting ourselves; we are focused.

A common misconception is that WordPress is limited to blogs or small websites. In fact, WordPress is adaptable and customizable just like any other self hosted website. WordPress is just the CMS, a tool to organize the content and make management easier. The ability to customize the website remains available like any other open source and self built website. There are even built in tools for modifying a WordPress website with a few button clicks. With thousands of free themes and plugins, WordPress can be setup to achieve unique and complex website goals.

When we make a website for a client, we want that business to be able to manage their own website. Being able to add content, create pages, and participate with customers directly from a website is a valuable asset. WordPress is the only system where I have seem clients thrive at managing their own website. Empowering our clients and making website management easier is a huge reason we use WordPress.

WordPress websites make up 29.3% of all the websites on the internet. It is loved by website owners of all types for being simple enough for a beginner, and adaptable to any functional need. We are proud to focus on a content management system that provides the tools to build such powerful and maintainable websites.

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