Why shouldn’t I just use Squarespace?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t use Squarespace, and most of them have to do with success and satisfaction. I have watched many people attempt to build their website in Squarespace, and a few months later they switch to a better tool which will achieve their specific requirements. This is a valuable lesson, but it usually wastes a month or two.

Let the healing process begin. Oh, and this is a biased opinion.

Limited functionality

Squarespace has limited functionality.
WordPress can be customized to achieve anything that can be coded.

Not everything is possible in Squarespace. In fact, you can run into limitations all over the place. But in WordPress, you have full control over the file structure, the code, and everything you need to edit your website.

Squarespace is for limited ideas. Don’t limit yourself or your ideas.

Free vs Pay

Squarespace costs money.
WordPress is free.

Squarespace has a monthly fee for their website services. You can host WordPress for free on your own server. Host your own website and remain in control.

Wasted time

Squarespace is potentially a waste of time.
WordPress is a smart investment.

If Squarespace can’t achieve your goals, then you are at a dead end. You either have to compromise on your goals or switch website platforms. Such a risky waste of time!

WordPress can always be adapted to achieve your goals. Through plugins, themes, and web development, you can build any website in WordPress.


Squarespace has very little SEO.
WordPress is fully SEO capable.

If you are interested in search engine optimizing your website, then you shouldn’t use Squarespace. The limited tools available only allow for limited impact. Many common SEO techniques would simply be impossible on Squarespace.

Hold Up... Is this too complicated? Get Help

Can’t accept PayPal

Squarespace doesn’t accept PayPal.
WordPress does accept PayPal.

WordPress can be configured with any payment gateway. Use an ecommerce platform like Woocommerce for easy payment gateway integration.

No membership sites

Squarespace can’t be a membership site.
WordPress can be a membership site.

User roles

Squarespace doesn’t have user roles.
WordPress has as many user roles as you want.

I hope you will hear my warning and save yourself some time. Measure twice, cut once. Do the research and understand that Squarespace will fall short of your website needs.

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