What is SEO?

We are often asked “What is SEO?”.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Websites can be optimized to increase their rank in Google, and this process is referred to as SEO.

The purpose of SEO is to increase website traffic with organic search results. An increase in traffic means more sales for almost any business.

SEO increases website traffic

SEO examples

Anything that influences the ranking of a web page can be called SEO. A variety of factors effect the SEO of a website. A few examples.

  • Website load speed
  • Content quality and relevance
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Links to the website from other websites

How do you improve the SEO for a website?

Start with a plan

Optimizing a website takes planning. Set SEO goals and identify the path that will lead to your destination.

Quality content

Identify your target audience and what they are searching for online. Then create quality content for their questions.


Increase the backlinks to your website. I know it seems hard, but your website will not rank well if no one links to your website.

Measure and repeat

Evaluate your results. Measure your success and figure out what did and didn’t work. Modify your technique to nurture more successful results. SEO requires consistent efforts to stay on top. Find a healthy pace and don’t stop optimizing your website.

Local SEO

Businesses which only operate in a specific city like Portland should optimize their website for local audiences. Optimizing a website for a specific location is called Local SEO.

There are many signals that a business is local, and should be displayed to a local audience in search engines. Links from local businesses, a Google business listing, structured data on an address, and content written with the city plus relevant keywords are all important.

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