Local Search

If your business depends on local support, then build your website with geolocality in mind. Make sure your content is accompanied with geographic and business details, for the benefit of affiliating your website with a location.

Our on site and off site geolocality techniques are focused towards building an indexed web of your business details across the internet. This increases your likelihood of being suggested in a search result to local search engine users.

With semantic markup, we are able to assist search engines in understanding the meaning of content, which allows the search engine to provide our content to the user in unique ways. Soon your business details can be discovered in Google Maps, search results, Google Now, and in new apps being invented every day.

  • Configure business within Google places. Authentify business ownership.
  • Add business location to website using Google maps.
  • Add semantic markup to addresses, which allows search engines to sort and identify business location and locality.
  • Submit website to 5 local directories.

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