How to test website page speed

Perform a web page speed test to identify ways to make your website faster.

A page speed test will measure the current load speed of a website, and identify how the page speed can be improved.

Test your website page speed with these tools

These are the page speed tools we use professionally when improving a website page speed. Each tool is different and provides unique insight.

Simply enter a website URL, and these tools will run tests and give you results.

Our favorite page speed tools

Evaluate the page speed suggestions for insight

After you run page speed tests, an abundance of insight will be in your hands. Thoroughly review the data to identify opportunities for improving your website.

Look at what is using the most time to load. Read the suggestions and warning levels to evaluate the importance of each item.

Apply the page speed suggestions to your website

I know there are a lot of page speed suggestions, but you really should attempt them all. Not every task will be possible, but most suggestions are habits of fast websites.

Start with the easy and quick tasks. Then work your way onto larger tasks which will have the biggest impact on page speed, like image size and server speed.

Many of the suggestions are deep in the web development world. Hire a professional to do a one time page speed project, and have them train you on techniques to maintain the site yourself.

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