Using Bootstrap as a framework

We use Bootstrap all the time. It has become a reliable tool for the majority of our projects. Bootstrap helps us save time by providing a flexible grid that we can build upon, and common components we can stylize. With Bootstrap, we don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.

A good framework doesn’t suppress creativity, it nurtures creative ideas by providing structure for form. Some aspects of design are important, but not where talent should be focused. We are talking about grids, containers, common page components, and so on. These things should be used to build great ideas, and not the other way around. With all the structural support, a designer can focus on creating new designs.

Responsive Web Design

Websites built with Bootstrap are responsive to fit on all screen sizes. The fluid grid layout allows for all elements to smoothly change size to adapt to the width of the device screen size. Responsive web design is essential for the user experience on modern websites. Starting with a framework that is responsive provides quality assurance for the website you are building.


Bootstrap comes with an extensive library of components, which are useful for building common website elements. Building a website using Bootstrap components allows for quicker builds, and a content focused strategy. Build with components first, then stylize the components the way you desire.

Developers for hire

Bootstrap is common in the web developing community, which means you can always find additional developers to assist on your website. Using popular tools is smart for growing businesses which might need to add more employees and contractors.


I mean, just look at it! Bootstrap is a beautiful framework. It is a minimalist aesthetic, with a fresh and lively appeal.

Bootstrap Example

See the Pen Bootstrap list by Chance Corbeil (@chancecorbeil) on CodePen.


The creators of Bootstrap put out updates when necessary, and are currently working on Bootstrap 4. The community that uses Bootstrap is large enough that you can bet that someone else has the same questions as you do. Search for your questions on Google, and you will probably find the question and answer. There is security in numbers.

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