The Importance of a mobile website

More than half of online traffic comes from mobile devices and mobile apps. With such a large audience migrating to mobile, the importance of having a mobile website is greater than ever.

For mobile users, we know they are on their phone. They have a smaller screen than most devices, and they might be out of their homes. Design mobile websites to be quickly navigated, and interacted with using fingers. Choose the areas of your website that would be most useful to traveling people, and make those contents accessible.

Knowing user habits allows us to provide a convenient user experience which is tailored to their choices. A trend in user habits is an increase in mobile phone users.

Mobile users on the go are disconnected from the conveniences of home, and that can be an advantage to mobile websites. Become authoritative and informative to mobile users by becoming a resource. Short and clear resources are convenient for the limited time and attention of a mobile user.

Having a responsive website is a necessity for mobile websites. Responsive websites adapt to various devices and screen sizes, to give the visitor a properly formatted website. Without a responsive design, your visitors might have a hard time navigating your website or find their experience frustrating. Test if your website is mobile friendly.

Mobile stats

  • 15% of sales comes from mobile devices.
  • 63% of adult cell owners use their phones to go online.
  • More than half of online traffic comes from mobile devices and mobile apps.
  • 23 percent of organic traffic to websites now originates from Android or iPhone devices.

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