The difference between and

It may surprise you to know there is more than one WordPress. Well, there is! and This is a common confusion for beginners, and can require back-tracking if the wrong selection is made. There is a big difference between the two, so choose wisely.

Spoiler Alert! We believe is the best choice for most needs. is a website where you can host a free blog. is not the open source content management system (CMS), but a commercial service which is using the WordPress software to provide people with a blog and blogging tools. is a single website, powering thousands of blogs.

The websites at are hosted for you, and require little insight on website management. Learning to use the blogging tools is intuitive, and a new website can be live quickly.

Casual bloggers will find to be a convenient blogging tool. Professional websites which require more customization control will need

This is the famous WordPress content management system with complete open source freedom. is downloaded and installed on your server, requiring you to have website hosting services. This approach is more independent and tech savvy, but you also gain all the benefits of self hosting like email, ownership, and scalability. We can assist installing WordPress websites on the host of your choice.

Hold Up... Is this too complicated? Get Help is 100% free, and has a huge repository of free plugins. There are no extra costs in, and all standard features are included and accessible. In fact, there are many features in that aren’t even purchasable options within Upon the standard functionality, WordPress can be customized and extended to do nearly anything. For a website that can adapt to meet new and changing needs, will provide that flexibility.

If you want our opinion, we will always suggest over They are both great services, but the benefits and potential of is hard to beat.

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