The cost of not having a web developer

Hiring a web developer is like insurance against poor decisions. The professional insight of a web developer can keep your project on task, compatible, and efficient. Without a developer, your website will be susceptible to the common issues for beginners.

What could go wrong?

The growth of the website will be slower without an expert to consult. The best solutions will have to be discovered, instead of being shared. The compatibility of the software will have to be self verified through research, instead of confirmed from an expert perspective. This doesn’t mean the project won’t be successful, it just won’t be as streamlined as it could be with a developer.

Without the direction of an expert, your website might have trouble finding momentum. Instead of working on the project efficiently, you might struggle to establish a plan which achieves all your goals. Having a process is essential to successful websites, and that only comes with experience.

After all the hard work put into the website, a simple mistake can disrupt your success. Software compatibility, slow load times, mobile accessibility, and validation errors are common mistakes which are overlooked by beginners. Identifying flaws can be difficult to the untrained eye, but they still impact the success of your website.

Familiarity with the territory

Hiring a developer is like having a local guide when visiting a new city. The landscape might be unfamiliar to you, but the guide calls that place home. They know where the locals eat, and speak like the locals speak, because they are a local. The benefit of a local guide is familiarity and experience in the scenarios that you don’t know.

Hold Up... Is this too complicated? Get Help

A good web developer has experienced the common issues of web development many times before. Troubleshooting these issues isn’t new territory for a developer, it is the standard process. They are comfortable managing the many tasks that make or break the success of a website. Being familiar with building websites and online businesses, a web developer is the best guide for your journey online.

Experience with common mistakes

Every developer has experienced mistakes in some way or another, and probably a lot. Web development is complicated, and there are thousands of important roles which can go wrong. Sometimes the optimal software is not compatible, or a necessity is discovered to be impossible with the chosen software near the end of development. Experience with troubleshooting mistakes is part of the job, and they become easier to spot from far away. The bigger picture of success is always being managed by a thoughtful developer.

Without a developer, your project will run into common mistakes. The software you choose might not be flexible enough to configure your goals, or might not be customizable enough to represent your brand adequately. Your images might be formatted wrong, and your code could be inefficient and load slowly. Your ecommerce website might have security vulnerabilities, and share your customer’s credit card info with an opportunistic hacker. The list of potential issues can get lengthy and intimidating, and isn’t easily navigated by non-professionals.

The benefits of working with WP Strategy

When hired for a website development project, we apply our insight of successfully managed projects to create a plan with strategy and clearly defined goals. We assist from planning to building, and provide consultation every step of the way. Working closely with the business or project manager allows us to translate their business goals to a website plan. Our experience with online businesses allows us to notice potential issues early and inform clients of alternative choices which would be more successful.

We also provide training in WordPress, to assist you with managing your website with confidence.

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