The 404 page

The 404 page is a safety net to catch visitors when they try to visit a page that doesn’t exist. A link might be typed incorrectly, or the structure of a website will change, and suddenly there is a link to the middle of nowhere. We can use this sudden issue as an opportunity to get our visitors back on track with suggested destinations and a well designed user experience.

Using the search query or permalink which the visitor was lost upon, we can identify relevant content to suggest. This gives us the opportunity to keep the visitors journey on the website moving forward toward the original destination, and not backwards to familiar ground. These suggested pages allow the 404 page to have unique and relevant content, instead of just an error message.

If the 404 page is unable to identify pages to suggest or the visitor doesn’t find the content they would like, there is always a search bar and a link back to the home page. The priority is to get the visitor back to the website, and to manage disappointment with support.

Let us rebuild your 404 page to assist your visitors user experience when they are lost.

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