SEO website evaluation

It is important to have insight on the general status of your website, and to identify how the website can be improved. We can perform an evaluation to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website’s SEO status. Our SEO website evaluation process gives us insight on your website structure and accessibility, the page load speed time, the compliance of the code, the amount of visitors and their actions while on the site, and various other data sets which assist in making informed conclusions about the SEO status.

All this data gives us awareness on what is currently successful, and what is holding the website back.

An evaluation report will be made to document our findings, and we will go over each point with you in a summary meeting. Use our SEO evaluation report to identify potential search ranking issues, or strategize future SEO plans. The SEO website evaluation can be an efficient way to make informed decisions on the direction of website development.

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    Chance Corbeil