SEO for Local Visibility

Optimizing a website can bring traffic from people searching for search terms that are relevant to your business. But not all traffic is good. A local shop doesn’t want to be found by a consumer in another country. They need to be found by customers local to their area. One of the first decisions in a search engine optimization plan is to decide if the website is being optimized for global or local viewers.

If your business benefits the most from local customers and you plan to keep it that way, optimize your website for local visibility. There are many ways to identify yourself as a local business, and to optimize the accessibility of your business information to a local audience.

Contact and Business Information Accessibility

Accessible contact information is a powerful benefit for local SEO. Visitors are more likely to trust your business if they can see your information is accessible. Apps and web services also use this business info to suggest your business at strategic opportunities to potential customers. The movement towards smart apps and services is based on clearly defined information, and you can be a part of it.

Location and address

SEO for Local VisibilityThe most import variable for local optimization is your location. Most applications will use your location to understand your locality, and without it your business will probably not be recommended to local audiences.

Phone number

Optimizing your phone number makes it easier for customers to call you, and shows that you are accessible. You can even setup the phone number to be callable from a mobile device. We believe local businesses should have their phone number easily found from mobile devices.

Business hours

Keep customers informed of your hours of operation. If they are looking for your hours, they are probably deciding if they should visit or not. Don’t give them any reason to doubt your availability. Some software uses your business hours to recommend your business depending upon when you are open for business.


Locally optimized businesses are more accessible from mobile devices. Many apps use the data from local sites to populate their results and suggestions. By using local businesses, their apps are more convenient to use. Take advantage of this knowledge and make your business easy to find.

Structured data

When exploring techniques for making business information identifiable to search engines, we are talking about structured data. With the addition of rich snippets and structured data, we can notify search engines of the type of data we are presenting. This brings clarity to their services, and allows them to confidently suggest your business.

Structured data also allows search engines to get strategic in the services and results they offer. If your website page is selling a product which is structured correctly, then a web application can share your product by price, product type, brand, and all the other variables you identified. By adding structured data to your website, you increase the likelihood that you will be shared to customers who engage with your business.

Chance Corbeil