Selling products that are not physical goods

Want to start an ecommerce business, but don’t have any physical goods to sell? There are plenty of products you can sell that are not physical at all.

When selling digital goods, you avoid shipping costs altogether. Shipping involves 3rd parties, extra fees, and time which could be spent elsewhere. Staying digital keeps ecommerce simple, and your business more productive.


Sell your time and services. Explore your skills and hobbies for service ideas which will receive your best effort, and return to you the most satisfaction. Once you find the right services, the next step is to market your offering. Post your services online, and make purchasing your service the same as a product. Automate the scheduling process by letting customers select from your available dates and times during the checkout process.


  • Consultation
  • Time For Hire
  • Dog Walking
  • Delivery

Subscriptions and Memberships

Create a community online, and offer reoccurring access to content on demand. Selling membership access is only beneficial if you can attract a community. Your content needs to be in high demand, with low availability elsewhere. How about private access to your grandmother’s cookie recipes, or your amazing stock tips? This online business model is hard to create, but has a very consistent income for successful communities.


  • Private Access
  • Communities
  • Forums
  • Clubs
  • Subscriptions


Sell tickets to events. If you have your own event, selling tickets online is a great way to keep your info organized. Tickets are essentially a documented right of access. We can control that with software! Manage your ticket stock, organize the attendee info, and keep ticket orders nice and organized.


  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Parties

Digital Goods

You don’t need to be a software developer to sell digital goods. Digital files are all around us, and are easy to create. We make them every time we take a photo using our smart phones. If you can make and own digital files, you can sell them. If you are a musician, sell your digital music. If you are an expert on a subject, write an e-book. Become a stock photographer, and learn to sell your photographs.


  • Software
  • Stock Images
  • Music
  • E-books

Digital products in Woocommerce

All these virtual or digital products can be setup within Woocommerce. In the “General” section of “Product Data”, select either “Virtual” or “Downloadable”.

virtual or downloadable product

Keep an open mind when exploring potential services or digital goods. The hard part is discovering what you have to offer.

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