Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization refers to a wide variety of habits and strategies which can increase your accessibility in the results of search engines. Successful SEO doesn’t have any shortcuts. Instead, SEO depends upon the overall health and quality of your website. We know how to evaluate and strengthen the many fields of SEO.

Fields of Optimization

Content Strategy

Making new and useful content is important to retain visitors. We can help you identify content new ideas by researching your industry and popular search queries, and we can even help create the new content.

Title and Text Hierarchy

The organization of contents in a page allows the search engine to identify the over-all purpose of the page. A well structured text hierarchy improves the understanding of your visitors and search engines.

Local Accessibility

If your business is local, then your online strategy should be local as well. Make your business hours, contact info, and address integrated into services like Google Maps for the benefit of being suggested locally.

Responsive Web Design

Websites need to fit all screen sizes and devices, and it is considered an accessibility issue if they are not responsive to fit these many conditions. Making a website responsive can dramatically affect the user experience and design of the website.

Page Load Speed

Websites get a better search ranking for loading quickly. Visitors area accessing websites on all types of devices, and some don’t have strong connections to the internet. A website needs to be built for the worst connections.

Rich Snippets

Assist search engines in identifying the details of your content for better indexing and applicable use of your info. Structured data allows your content to be defined, like a phone number, or a business name.

User Experience

Website visitor habits can be anticipated by putting yourself in their shoes. The experience people have on a website can be designed to be intuitive and user friendly.

Keyword Research

Get info on the popular search queries people are searching for in your industry. Identify potential keywords with a low competition rate. Get insight on new content ideas based upon what people are searching.


Extend your WordPress website with useful tools and make SEO customization more accessible. Tools won’t do the SEO for you, but it will make changes and analyzing the results easier.


Get insight on your visitors and their activities so that you know where the traffic is coming from. Identifying the reasons why your business is successful allows you to make informed decisions for continued growth.


The speed at which an image loads will affect your over all optimization. Making sure images are saved for the web and reduced efficiently can be a valuable action.

Have us evaluate your website SEO status.

Chance Corbeil