Our Free Google Analytics Plugin and why we made it

We just released a Free Google Analytics Plugin on Github. This plugin adds Google Analytics code to the footer of any WordPress website. Like all our software, it was inspired by necessity.

Google Analytics Plugin

Why we made the plugin

To share our WordPress themes for free, we need to keep our Google Analytics code out of the footer so the code doesn’t get added to other websites. That would be a disaster for our analytics.

But we didn’t want to remove the analytics manually each time we shared an update. That would be such a waste of time!

So we built a plugin which keeps our Google Analytics code out of the WordPress themes entirely. An obvious choice, but a smart move.

How the plugin works

The plugin adds the Universal Analytics javascript to the footer of WordPress websites.

Download the plugin files on Github.

Open the google-analytics.php file and replace XX-XXXXXXXX-X with your Google Analytics ID.

Upload the plugin to your WordPress website and activate.

That’s it! You have added Google Analytics to your website with a plugin.

Free Analytics plugin for all

This plugin is free from us to you. We believe in supporting our community and we are thankful to share the internet with wonderful people like you.

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