Never use admin as your username

When you setup a WordPress website, the default username for your account is “admin”. Never use admin as your username, or you will be an easy target to hack.

Why is admin an easy username to hack?

Hackers like to target large groups of people with similar vulnerabilities, so they can write a program which automates attempted hacking one by one as it crawls the internet.

WordPress is used by millions of people, so that makes all WordPress websites a target to hacking.

The default username is “admin”, so websites with admin accounts with that username are high risk to being hacked.

For “admin” usernames, all that hacking software needs to do is guess the password. If there is no attempt limit, a program will guess correctly given enough time.

Change your username

Change your username to something unique. Really, anything is better than “admin”. Throw in a few capital letters and numbers to be safe. With a unique username, a hacking program will have to guess the correct username and password.

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