Membership Websites in WordPress

With a membership website, you can restrict access to content depending upon a visitor’s membership status. Provide subscription based services, and receive reoccurring income. There can be different membership levels, with different access capabilities. All this can be automated using the right ecommerce and WordPress tools.

Why have a membership website?

Great content takes time and money to make. It makes sense that if your product is content, then you might have to sell it. Just make sure there is a demand for your content before requiring a membership, or exploring alternate sources of income like ads.

A membership website can foster community, or provide a website for an existing one. Some membership websites are existing groups which need an online resource to pay membership fees and get insight on group information.

Reoccurring and automated payments

Memberships often involve a membership duration, which can bring in a reoccurring income. Setting up membership payments to be automated is an easy way to make being a member effortless and provoke members to stay subscribed longer.

Integrate your membership system with a ecommerce system. Using Woocommerce, we can register members and accept their membership fees at the same time. We use WordPress and Woocommerce because it allows the different software and tools to synchronize and share user info, which results in accurate data and an easier to manage website.

Let us help

We have experience in setting up membership systems, and strategies for making website management simple. Let us suggest software, evaluate membership goals, and configure a membership system on your WordPress website. Send us a message to discuss your website project.

Chance Corbeil