Local vs global optimization

Optimizing your website for local or global audiences will influence the types of visitors on your website. Before you begin with SEO, it is important to know if you are optimizing locally or globally. The best way to choose is by identifying your target audience.

Know your audience

By identifying a target audience, you can establish a strategy for getting your website to the right people. A website without a target audience might reach a wide range of people, but the audience will not respond as desired. High bounce rates of visitors who leave a website quickly, low product sales, and lack of engagement (like comments) are all signs that a website could use some target audience optimization.

The benefits of local optimization

The benefit of local optimization is a higher rate of local customers. Increasing local accessibility can bring more in-store visitors, or local contacts.

You want your local business to be synonymous with the service it provides, because that relationship works both ways. Relating your service to contact information allows search engines to suggest your business as a local result to relevant search queries. Being indexed as a local business with an address indicates that you are more likely to be a destination when a search query could benefit from a list of local businesses.

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Exposure to your address, business hours, and phone number are all variables which make a local business accessible. These specific attributes are all indicative of when your results will be shared, and how your business will be presented. For example, business hours could be a unique identifier for a local pizza parlor which is open all night long, as opposed to a pizza parlor which closes at 8pm.

Who should optimize locally?

  • Local businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Stores with one or a few locations

Learn more about local optimization.

The benefits of global optimization

The benefit of global optimization is the ability to be found within your industry, regardless of location. Sometimes location is irrelevant to the services of a business, and can even be a detractor for foreign visitors.

The back bone of global optimization is great content which is desired everywhere. By diverting the attention away from the location of the business, we can maintain optimization on the content we find relevant, like products, services, articles, and other forms of information. The content is the value, not the location of the business.

Once the website has great content, then it needs to be shared around the world. Global optimization is achieved by becoming active internationally. Build links in local communities of international audiences. Otherwise, you will be seen as regional.

Contents intended for specific audiences should be marked with geo-specific schema tags. Being accessible requires text to be translated to various languages depending upon the location of the visitor. There are many other details to evaluate, like ecommerce businesses need to provide world wide shipping solutions for global optimization and accessibility.

Who should optimize globally?

  • Ecommerce websites
  • International businesses
  • Info and data providers
  • Online businesses

If you need help identifying if you should optimize locally or globally, or strategizing your SEO plan, please contact us for assistance.

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