Keep your domain name in your control

The most common issue when it is time to launch a website is not having access to the account which controls the domain name. I have seen this so many times! Launch day gets a week or two away, and no one can find the domain name.

This can delay the launch while we scramble to identify and contact the domain name owner. Or even worse, the website can go down and the domain name can return to the market.

A common story

Let me guess. The last developer handled the domain name and now they are out of the picture? This is a common story. We can’t change the past, but I can help you prepare so this never happens to you again.

The solution is simple. Keep the domain name in an account that you control. Your developer can setup your domain name, but they shouldn’t own it.

An account for your domain name

You need to keep your domain name in an account that you control. That way, you control your domain name independently of a web developer.

Setup an account to manage your domain name. For legal reasons, we can’t do this for you. We suggest setting up an account at or

Let us know if you need help transferring a domain name to your new account.

You can still host anywhere

A domain name does not need to be hosted with the website. All we need to do is point the domain name to wherever the website is hosted. Just point your domain at the right nameservers and the website will be live.

We offer hosting services to our clients.

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