How to sell event tickets on your website

Selling event tickets online is possible if you have the right tools. Using WordPress and Woocommerce, you can setup events and purchasable tickets which are managed just like posts and products. Your website can be extended to make scheduling events and selling tickets an organized and manageable process. Avoid 3rd party fees for you and your customers by managing ticket sales on your own website.

Start with an event

To sell tickets online, you need an event which requires tickets for entry. To make it clear that you are selling tickets for an event, it is important to publish content specifically about the event. Keep in mind that the events and tickets, although related, are different content types and should be treated accordingly. Events and tickets should be able to exist independently of each other. This helps inform search engines about the event, and influences indexing as an event.

We install event software which allows websites to post events similarly to blog posts. By defining the location, date, and time, the details of the event become more accessible to search engines and visitors. Websites with events should have a calendar to navigate events, and an event location map on the event page. Assisting visitors identify the event relative to their schedule and location improves the user experience, and influences event attendance. With WordPress customizations, the format for events can become standardized on your website, so all you need to do is provide info about the event, and the design will happen automatically.

Setup the ticket extension in Woocommerce

Once you have setup an event, you can setup the tickets. This will require an extension for your ecommerce system. Using Woocommerce, we can extend the ecommerce system to sell tickets. The possibilities for Woocommerce are endless because it is customizable, just like WordPress. Select a plugin to add the additional Woocommerce functionality to sell tickets, or hire a developer to strategize and configure ticket software for you.

Hold Up... Is this too complicated? Get Help

Tickets are managed just like any other Woocommerce products, but with additional features which connect the tickets to an event. The tickets have unique attributes which are relevant to ticket sales, like the ability to add multiple tickets to an event, manage ticket stock, and provide early bird specials. The benefits of an extension specifically designed to sell tickets are tools which simplify the setting up of tickets and managing of sales.

Customer info is collected upon purchase, which can be useful for events where identification is required. Tickets are emailed to customers, and can be printed for the event. The ticket information is also accessible in the customer’s account on your website. All tickets are HTML based, and can be customized to the design of your choice.

Check-in tickets at the event

On the day of the event, use the ticket system to check-in ticket holders. Use the attendee list, and the check-in feature to document that a ticket has been redeemed. This helps prevent fraud and creates a useful record of the event turnout. The ticket system is useful for managing your event attendance.

Get help selling tickets on your website

Let us assist setting up an event and ticket system on your WordPress website. We have plenty of experience in selling tickets and other unique ecommerce needs using Woocommerce and WordPress. Tell us about your website and ticket sale goals.

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