How to keep a website project affordable

The cost of a website can get hefty if there is no plan to guide the development. To keep a website project affordable, planning must be considered from the beginning. It isn’t hard to keep a website affordable, it just requires some strategy (and possibly consulting from someone with experience).

Plan from the beginning

Identify your website goals before you start development. Without a clear path to follow, revisions are inevitable.

Plan what you would like to achieve with the website. What are your goals? Once you have identified your goals, determine what is required to obtain that target. This is the foundation of a path that will lead your website towards the destination that you envision.

Consult with a professional before development begins

Beginners make simple mistakes. Websites are complex, and come with seemingly endless complications. Why not take advantage of someone with experience?

Expert insight can clarify the many confusing aspects of planning a website. Avoid years of learning the hard way with trial and error. Take advantage of the knowledge from someone who has experienced years of solving website problems until they finally got it right. Get software recommendations, content strategies, marketing advice, and ask if there is anything they can identify that you have overlooked.

You don’t need much. A little consultation can take you a long way.

Keep it simple

Too many features on a website can be confusing to visitors, and hard to manage. Websites with too many goals can lose focus, and often become too much to handle. Too much attempted too early is a common issue, and can be corrected with establishing priorities. What matters most? Identify the priorities for your website, and try to obtain that. Believe us, it will still take a lot of work.

Do what YOU can

We obviously believe in the benefit of hiring professional developers, but we also urge website owners to do what they can. This could be writing blogs and pages, posting to twitter, managing orders, answering form inquiries, and so on. Contribute in the ways that you can. Every bit helps, and it saves money.

Save some for later

Not everything needs to be included in the first version of your website. Leave unnecessary features out until you take your site for a test drive. You may find your plans change after development, and you don’t want to have sunken to much investment costs into obsolete features.

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