How to compete in ecommerce

You have to compete in ecommerce if you want to make any money. Ecommerce is a competitive industry, and you won’t have any paying customers by being another clumsy ecommerce website. By focusing on becoming the best of an ecommerce attribute, you can set a planned course for market success.


Low prices are seductive. The lowest price wins the sale for the majority of online shoppers. Compete on price to acquire the buying power of most consumers.

Of course, this race to the bottom price has already been exhausted. Big businesses have dominated this approach. To compete on price, you will have to get creative.


Quality matters, and there will always be a portion of consumers that demand the best. By offering the best quality in any industry, you will surely find a customer base.

Providing the best quality is harder than it looks. There is usually a competitor who can beat you in quality. For these situations, provide the best quality within a specific price range.


Providing the best selection is a great way to attract a crowd. Customers like options, and they hate the possibility of missing out on the right purchase. Providing the best selection makes a website an authority.

Amazon is an example of a website with an astonishing selection. By providing the best selection of everything, they are the main place people shop online. Amazon provided the best selection and became the authority for ecommerce.

Competing with the giants like Amazon is impossible, but you can still compete on selection by focusing on niches. Having the best selection in a niche market is the best way to focusing on an industry, and emerge as the best. Our friends at are a great example of being the best in a niche.


Selling services on a website is the most accessible way to build a unique ecommerce website. Any service professional can sell their services online. Simply allow services to be purchased as a package online, or sell your time. Appointment scheduling software is an easy way to sell time online.

Selling services online is a natural way to market your services. You may not sell services directly online that often, but showing your preparedness online can help convince a potential customer who is scoping your business online.

To build a successful service ecommerce website, you need to be the best, be the only one offering the service, or be local.

This attribute is the most accessible to existing businesses, and the ambitious entrepreneur. There are always opportunities for new services, or new marketing of existing services.

Selling services online is my favorite. WP Strategy competes as an ecommerce service business.

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