Free services of Google which can help your business

We personally and professionally use all these Google services, and firmly stand behind the benefit they provide small businesses.

Google Voice

Setup a business phone number, and forward the number to your mobile device. This gives you control over when the phone number rings, and provides some privacy. Google Voice also comes with voice-mail, texting, and call services, free in most situations.

Google Hangouts

Chat, call, and video call individuals or groups. Even share your screen with hangout partners. This service syncs across all your devices, and is free. We use Google Hangouts for our WordPress training sessions, so our clients can see our screens as we navigate the website.

Google Plus

A social network which makes it easy to participate in different communities called circles. Our favorite benefit of Google Plus is that links are set to follow, which is helpful for building backlinks.

Google Analytics

Analyze data on your website visitors. How many people are coming to your website? How long are they staying, and what are they doing? This can all be known using Google Analytics. Use this insight to measure the success of your content and campaigns.

Google Webmaster Tools

Stay informed on the health of your website with Google Webmaster Tools. Get data for traffic searches, indexed pages, and structured data on your website. Use tools to request website crawls from Google, and evaluate security risks. Receive notifications for potential issues or optimization opportunities.

Google AdWords

Be seen by people when they search for your offerings and only pay when someone clicks on your link. Focus on local or global audiences, depending upon your target audience. Known to be one of the only successful advertising options online.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Test the load speed for your website in mobile and desktop. Get a rating and tops for improving your load speed. This rating influences your ranking in search results, so you want a high score.

Let us know if you need any assistance setting up Google services to benefit your business and website.

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