Dental website design tips

Here are dental website design tips to improve the local accessibility for a dentist website. Use the following suggestions to gain more local visitors, and convert more visitors into patients.

Allow appointments to be scheduled online

The goal of your website is to attract more patients, right? Then setup appointment scheduling software to allow visitors to schedule their own appointments. Adding the capability for visitors to schedule an appointment without human interaction can minimize the abandonment rate, and allows your practice to acquire new patients 24 hours a day. Each appointment scheduled online requires no time expended by your business.

Scheduled appointments can be for free or for pay. Collect payment directly on you website during the scheduling process to streamline your transactions. Setting your appointment scheduling software up to a payment gateway is a secure way to accept credit cards online.

Your business on Google

As a local business, you can use a Google My Business listing to expose your business to Google users. A Google My Business listing can be found in organic search results, and Google Maps. Local businesses are suggested to people based on their proximity and search term relevance.

dentist website search results

With a Google My Business listing, your website can appear twice on the first page of search results.

Claim your Google My Business listing

To verify that you own your business, you need to request an authentication code from Google, which arrives in the mail on a postcard. You only have three attempts to request an authentication code, and they arrive on a postcard which can be mistaken for junk mail. When you request your authentication code, make sure everyone who checks the mail knows to look for a postcard from Google.

Focus on new patients

Existing patients are important and they should be valued, but they are already sold on your service. Use your website to attract new patients. Write content for their needs, and design calls to action to inspire new customers to act.

Local SEO for local customers

If your clients are all local, then your SEO strategy needs to be local too. Target local audiences using location, keywords, content strategy, and local business directories.

Local SEO = Local Customers

Patient testimonials

The reputation of a dentist matters. You can spend your time trying to convince visitors of your reliability, or you can let your satisfied customers do the convincing for you. Testimonials from patients feels trustworthy and less biased. Build trust in your dental practice by sharing the reference of satisfied patients.

Don’t be a scary dentist

Some people are afraid of dentists. Use your website as an opportunity to calm those fears. Inform your visitors that you are approachable and friendly. Instant benefit! Leave the fear to your competitors.

Pro tip: Teeth with teeth are creepy.


If your website is not mobile-friendly yet, then you are neglecting over 50% of online traffic.

A website which neglects responsive design looks old and untrustworthy. If your website design is overlooked on phones, visitors might consider that indicative of your business quality.

Contact info

How easy is it for potential customers to contact you? Potential customers are shopping for the right dentist. A dental practice which makes customers hunt for contact information is bound to receive less inquiries than dentists which design their user experience.

Avoid directory web design services

There are no shortcuts to a successful website. Building a website is hard, so it is understandable that many businesses turn to a website builder platform to build a website for them.

But these easy services actually limit the potential success of a website. Often these sites are not mobile-friendly, lack SEO capabilities, and look neglected. The convenience of setting up a website with one of these services has a self defeating consequence.

Child friendly

Parents make sure their dentist is child friendly before choosing a dental practice. Evaluating if a dentist is child friendly is mostly visual, so show it in your dental website design.

Engaging photos

Pictures communicate emotion quicker than text. Take the time to use engaging photos of your dental practice and staff. Use real staff and patients. Make sure to use proper lighting when taking photos for your website.

Always use original photos to avoid duplicate content penalties in search engines. Make sure your images are sized correctly for the web to avoid slow page speed.

Think like a patient

Look at your website through the eyes of a patient. What do they need from your website? Why are they on your website?

Design your dental website to help achieve patient goals. The user experience should guide patients by identifying their problem, and providing them with the solutions.

Meet the Doctor content

Be personable, and feature a bio about the Doctor. A small feature on the home page and a Dentist bio page is preferable. Include a well photographed photo. A friendly face helps build trust.

Hire a professional

Dental website design is hard… When a person has a toothache, they go to the dentist. If you have a website ache, we suggest getting the opinion of a professional web developer. Look for a local developer in your area, or get in touch with us. We offer free plans if you share your project goals with us.

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