Content is for the customer

When writing the content for your website, the goal is to inform customers of the benefits of your services that fulfill their wants or needs. This might sound obvious, but businesses often speak about what it is like to serve the customer, and forget that the customer only cares about the benefit to them.

Wrong perspective

A common mistake is to write from the perspective of the business, which also tends to dwell on the benefits for the business. The customer most likely doesn’t care about the benefits to the business.

No one orders a meal at a restaurant because the chef loves to make the dish. We order a meal because we are hungry and we like tacos. The chef enjoying their job is an added bonus that is unrelated to ordering food at a restaurant. Being hungry is the primary reason we go to a restaurant, location and type of food is secondary, but business satisfaction is just a bonus.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

It is time to put yourself at the other end of the desk. Create a few target audience profiles of your customers and evaluate your website from their perspective. Does your website solve their problems? More importantly, does your website clearly communicate that your website can solve their problems?

If your website can’t communicate the value of your service, then that value is unfulfilled.

A new point of view

If your content is not focused on the benefits of your customers, then it is time to take on their point of view. Write from their perspective and find a voice that identifies their values. Rewrite your content using this new voice, and make sure your customer’s know the value of your services to achieve their needs.

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