How do I add a PDF to WordPress?

There are a few ways to add PDFs to WordPress.

  • Embed the PDF into website
  • Link to the PDF file
  • Transfer PDF contents directly to website

Embedding the PDF into website

Embedding a PDF into a website allows visitors to look at the PDF without leaving your website. The PDF is previewed inside your website’s content, like an image or a slider.

The benefit is easy access for the visitor and adding visual excitement to the page. The negative impact is missing out on the content for SEO, and slowing down the page load speed with another plugin.

If you are embedding the PDFs so the document is visible on a web page, use a plugin. There are many tools that will do the hard work for you.

Free plugin to embed PDF in WordPress

Our recommended plugin to embed PDFs in WordPress.

Link to the PDF file

If you are adding a PDF file to a website as a link, you can upload the PDF file like an image and link to it on your website. Only a link to the PDF will be visible until clicked.

The visitor’s browsers will be able to preview the PDF directly or if it is an older browser, it will request to download. For example, a PDF link is perfectly rendered in the browser Chrome. If a PDF link is clicked in Chrome, the PDF is previewed.

This is the quickest solution out of the three options, but it is the least engaging.

Transfer PDF contents directly to website

If you are adding the contents from the PDF directly to your website as text and images, I suggest doing this manually. Cutting and pasting is the quickest technique.

The layout on the website will be different than the PDF because the contents will use the formatting of the website. But you can retain the correct article structure entirely by using title tags, paragraphs, and correct image formatting.

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